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New Bestcilia publication: accuracy of various methods in PCD diagnostics

A new article authored by Bestcilia participants from the University of Southampton (SOTON) in cooperation with researchers from the University of Bern (UBERN) has recently been published in one of the most prestigious journals in the field of pulmonology, the European Respiratory Journal (ERS).

The diagnosis of PCD is always a challenging venture, requiring considerable funds, time and, none the less, expertise. From several existing methods of diagnosing PCD none is perfect and each shows significant shortcomings when used in isolation. One of the ways to overcome these weaknesses is using several PCD diagnostic methods in one center and looking for corroboration of their results.

Such approach was adopted by the PCD referral center in Southampton, United Kingdom, which has implemented a specific PCD diagnostic algorithm, combining several PCD diagnostic methods. Thanks to a combination of nasal nitric oxide (nNO) measurement, high-speed video microscopy analysis (HSVMA), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and genotyping, the multidisciplinary team of researchers can establish a PCD diagnosis of high sensitivity and specificity. The recent article in the prestigious ERS Journal gives a detailed description of how this new and promising method is implemented in the Southampton referral center and how it can benefit PCD patients in the future by making PCD diagnosis easier and far more reliable. 

Full article is available here.